Mountain Experience Centre

Architecture, Under Construction

Wuxiangshan Mountain Experience Center

Our role for the Mountain Experience Center is to create an engaging, family and community friendly space within an existing concrete structure, which acts as the gateway to the Wuxiangshan scenic area outside of Nanjing, in Jiangsu province. Currently under construction.

The first floor entrance is seen as a playground

Location of Wuxiangshan scenic area with regards to Nanjing city center

Wuxiangshan Scenic Area

The Mountain Experience Center is located within, and as the gateway for, the Wuxiangshan scenic area, near Lishui, Jiangsu province.

Wuxiangshan locality plan

The outdoor playground and water plaza

Addition to the community.

The state of the existing structure as we joined the project team

Rapid Development

Rapid growth in China has created a vast amount of unnecessary development, many of which now remain unfinished, or lacking a clear function or purpose. The existing structure is an example of such development.

Wuxiangshan Mountain Experience Center site plan

Third Ecology

We started out by working on what the program of the building should be, how it can serve the community and bring family out of the city to enjoy the natural environment.

Kids playing in the water plaza which stretches into the landscape

Playful Spaces

We designed spaces which can be appropriated by families and kids in any way they please, which extend out from the enclosed structure, into the beautiful natural setting.

Mixing Program

The functions were then mixed to accommodate all members of the family. Including picnic areas, bookshop, reading areas, cafe, restaurant and viewing areas, people of all ages can enjoy the center.

Private & quiet reading space which opens up to the outside and planted screen wall

Sectional perspective

A busy day in the site office

Community Collaboration

Before starting our design, we met with local organizations on the site so that we could fully understand the desires of the surrounding areas, as well as knowing the full situation of the site conditions, development and future plans.

Working as a Team

Much like our other projects in Nanjing, we work closely with our construction teams on-site to make sure our designs are realized fully, from our design intent to reality.

On-site discussions

Timber off-cuts on the site


We used as natural a material palette as possible, choosing materials which represented the surrounding area, from grey brick to lots of natural wood.

Our new proposed floor; using traditional local grey bricks

Landscape & Architecture

Much detail was given to the design and selection of appropriate landscape elements and planting throughout the project. We treated the landscape as merely another space in the architectural plan, with as much importance.

A scale model snapshot

Overall first floor and landscape plan

A view of the structure, with a planted green facade, looking over the proposed wetland in front of the building

Functional wall concept sketch

Minimum Architecture, Maximum Experience

Through careful design of the interior elements, we create the maximum experience and function within the space, with the minimum amount of material, structure, and intervention.

Functional wall during construction

Tea Pavilion

As a counterpoint to the large main building, we placed an open tea pavilion out in the middle of the wetlands, to offer a zen-like space and experience.

A view from the teahouse looking back toward the structure

Team: Martijn de Geus, Simon Henstra, Soon Chern Tan, Victor Tee, Han Zhang

Client: Lishui Municipal Government Planning Department

Project Year: Ongoing

Location: Wuxiangshan, Jiangsu Province, China