Private Villa – Beijing

Architecture, Under Construction

Villa HN - Beijing

Villa HN is a private home situated in the north-east of Beijing, conceived as the example of a modern, responsible, sustainable and family oriented home. Currently under construction; to be completed in February 2019.

Beijing site locality


The home is situated in the north-east of Beijing. The location is very special considering it’s green surroundings, so close to the center of the city.

Spring view inside the sunken courtyard

A home for a family.

Constraining Site

The site poses many design challenges, from severe environmental challenges, such as air pollution, local climate, a tight plot in an overcrowded city, and a limited building height allowance.

Roof terrace outdoor seating areas

Master bedroom perspective

model diagram placeholder

Lounge and movie area with views onto the double volume green wall

A Home for a Family

From the start of the design process, the client’s biggest desire was; “I just want a good home for my family”. For us, putting the family at the center of the design brief was therefore the most important thing.

View across the lounge

Family Moments

While getting to know the family, we saw the opportunity to create spaces for specific moments in their day, and provide the perfect environment for them to have these moments together as a family.

View across the sunken courtyard to the dining room

Site perspective section

Diversity of Space

A modern family home should be flexible. We therefore designed spaces for the family to naturally come together in, as well as spaces where they may all retreat to when they wish.

Bedroom perspective


Master bedroom view

Modesty & Sustainability

At the heart of the design is also the message of sustainability, through the way the spaces function to the materials chosen for the overall project.

Bathroom perspective

Site perspective section

Model GIF

Tree Value Analysis

Client Collaboration

The owners are so involved in the process that they even took part in the site visits, creating an ongoing design process even onsite.

Team: Martijn de Geus, Simon Henstra, Huixin Loo, Soon Chern Tan, Kim Tran, Victor Tee, Han Zhang

Project Year: Ongoing

Location: Beijing, China