Sustainable Hospitality


The central core of the masterplan, shaped by a restaurant.

These structure for feeding Homo Sapiens is part of an innovative concept for a zoo that focuses on the impact on nature and the animals with which we share this planet; advocating ecological wellbeing and biodiversity.
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Site Sketch

Different paths coming from different zones at the zoo converge into a series of terraces where visitors can take a rest and enjoy multiple options for food and drinks. It becomes the core for the zoo and visitors looking for a meeting point.

Modular Construction

The building is composed by 4+2 wooden modules that are prefab and then assembled onsite. This technique speeds up construction schedule and downsize costs.

Axonometric Perspective

Pavilion and Landscape – Summer 2020

Connecting inside to outside

The biggest of the terraces flows into the building’s sheltered area which can be also closed in autumn or winter. Only the service programs such as kitchen, storage and restrooms are permanently enclosed.

Pavilion in Context – Summer 2020


The restaurant’s volumetry responds to the levels of publicity of the area; those of the staff are connected to the back of house programs: whereas the visitor’s path merges with an open public terrace.

Terraces and walk through

The main area serves the restaurant itself, but there are a contiguous coffee spot, pizza stand and ice cream cart that look over various species’ spots.


Integration of service area

The restrooms entrance is given some privacy through a triangular bench that also holds the mirror and serves as a meeting point itself.


Prefab Technique

The wooden structure is first assembled at a warehouse, then the insulation and installations are placed and finally, on site, builders make the finishings.

Assembling the wood canopy

Besides the prefab modules that constitute the enclosed areas, there is an outdoor sheltered area assembled onsite.

Team: Martijn de Geus and Han Zhang with Victor Tee, Kenji Heda, Elena Gamez, Oxana Sosnitskaya, Alexandra Platovska, Lulu Li

Project Year: 2018-2020

Technical Design Architecture: Bilfinger Tebodin Netherlands BV
Contractor: Strandbaak BV

Location: Apeldoorn, The Netherlands