Daegu Kansong Art Museum

Architecture, Competition

Breathing with nature

A strong, bold gesture, floating in the landscape that enables an intimate and sheltered environment underneath. 

Sheltered Landscape. Monumental scale.

Traditional Korean Painting

Landscape meets architecture

The single roof structure references Korean architectural heritage, which is a play between light and shadow, void and emptiness. The placement of this roof on the site aims to carefully integrate the existing trees and the slope underneath, not disturbing the natural flow and beauty of the site.


We see the DKAM as an inspiring story with two strong characters; Kansong and Daegu. The first representing a shelter that protected Korean cultural assets, the second a starting point for modern Korea.

Daegu Map

Birdseye view

Surroundings Sequence Analysis


Integrated shelter

The museum’s collection is sheltered at the heart of the project, where visitors experience the collection as a succession of moments that celebrate the Korean lineage.

Concept Diagrams

Entry through the mountain. Intimate scale.

Axonometric View


Mountain view from below

Borrowed Scenery

Water in liquid state it can only be flat, a direct opposite concept of a Korean traditional roof. Which typically takes its curved roof as representing a mountain silhouette. Thus the water roof represents Modern Korea, with a real mountain silhouette in the back, looking toward Daegu.


Borrowed Scenery

View from rooftop water plaza over Daegu city

Team: Martijn de Geus, George Kunihiro, Elena Gamez, Han Zhang

Project Year: 2019

Location: Daegu, Korea