Melaka Hotel


Melaka Hotel

This proposal aims to set a new standard for sustainable development, in its design for a new high-rise mixed use project in Melaka, Malaysia. It introduces ‘New Melaka Living’ as a unique hospitality experience.

Front conceptual perspective

Early conceptual collage

Unique, Natural, Local

We aim to capture the essence of place. We seek a balance between the natural and the man-made. We believe in a regional, typological identity that distills local characteristics.

Contextual perspective

Representing Melaka

The proposal aims to connect with Melaka’s regional identity; the traditional living typology, the proximity to water, and the story of the ‘sheltering tree’.

Embedded within Melaka’s identity

Front approach collage

Early concept sketch

Capturing Nature

Our main concept is to create a building that also ‘provides shelter’; a place that holds a lively heart, a world of nature that inspires and empowers.

Entrance perspective collage

‘New Melaka Living’; a hospitality experience that re-imagines the tower typology.

‘New Melaka Living’

‘New Melaka Living’ defines a hospitality experience that breaks from the generic ‘box and tower’ set-up that typical hotels have come to be.

Early concept sketch

Views out from the balcony across Melaka

Programmatic stacking

Naturally shaped form finding

From Story to Building

Form evolves from the conditions of the place, both physically and conceptually; responding to views, prevailing wind conditions, neighboring buildings and local building typologies.

Evolving the typical ‘block and tower’ model

Climate & Sustainability

We take benefit from the prevailing winds, the rainfall, natural ventilation, and sun angle to create a building that integrates passive strategies.

Climatic context

Sustainable systems diagram

Team: Martijn de Geus, Guang Ruey Tan, Han Wang, Wei Lin, Xiaogang Lian

Project Year: 2011

Location: Melaka, Malaysia