Maison Olympique

Architecture, Interior

Maison Olympique - Beijing

Maison Olympique is a private apartment renovation in the south-east of Beijing. The existing apartment is on the top floor of a seven story block with a view toward the Temple of Heaven. Currently under construction; to be completed in June 2018.

Beijing site locality


The apartment is situated in the south-east of Beijing on the top floor of a typical seven story Beijing housing apartment block.

Existing Apartment

The existing apartment was enclosed and cluttered, with furniture scattered throughout the space leaving little room for open space or free movement. As a starting point, we removed everything from the apartment, having a blank canvas.

Existing apartment with previous owner’s belongings

Plan transformation from previous to new

Early construction of the loft stairs

Loft Floor

Taking full advantage of the top-floor apartment, we added in a new floor to create a loft space in the ceiling space. Between this and enclosing the balcony we added almost 50% more floor area to the apartment.

Perspective section through the living room and loft

Early construction progress on the floor structure

Integrate Furniture ‘Walls’

To maximize the open space and storage of the apartment we moved all the functions to the walls to allow for free movement, light penetration and cross-ventilation.

The living room ‘furniture wall’

First floor perspective plan

Visual Links

By framing views between the upper level loft and the living areas, we create links across the volume and between the parents’ living area and the kid’s play area.

Early concept sketch

Loft floor perspective plan

Fold-Out House

By turning the walls into flexible pieces of furniture with hidden functions and fold-out elements, we could maximize the function and flexibility of the spaces.

‘Fold-out’ furniture walls; dining room table setup

Olympic House

This being the second project with our Olympic client, we created a branding around the concept of the house, to carry the Olympic spirit, including a house logo.

Maison Olympique logo design

Closeup of the kitchen detail, with a touch of Dutch tiles

The living room is a flexible living environment.

Team: Martijn de Geus, Simon Henstra, Victor Tee, Han Zhang

Client: Wu Jingyu & Hou Kun

Project Year: Ongoing

Location: Beijing, China