Jiangxi Community Centre


Jiangxi Community Centre

The Jiangxi community center is a modest addition to the site and its natural splendor. Utilizing the quality of the site and the community spirit of local villagers, we propose our project to connect carious uses and users, in a sequence of comfortable places.

Perspective from the riverside

Contextually embedded in the surrounding region

Embedding Program

Centrally located, our program connects local communities by adding a small school, library, and gathering space.

Through the forest; conceptual perspective

Sequence of Places

The project integrates the site’s nature into a sequence of places, from the mountains, through to forest, to the water.

Sequence of spaces

The community yard

Local climate design; rainwater collection and cross-ventilation

Local Specific Typology

Integrating vernacular architectural typologies and technical details is key in realizing the project.

Children’s playground

A modest addition to the site and its natural splendor

Low Cost, Low Tech

A simple construction method, using local materials allows the project to be built by, and for the surrounding communities.

Local construction methods; rammed earth walls

Section through the children’s playground

Looking across the community yard; conceptual perspective

Village Input

Interviewing the local community members we could fully understand their needs and desires for a project such as this.

Section through the community yard

Team: Yonghong Chen, Martijn de Geus, Ao Yang, Han Zhang

Project Year: 2016

Location: Jiangxi, Zhejiang Province, China