Chaotian Palace


Chaotian Palace

Chaotian Palace provides the setting for the world meeting of mayors. Nanjing’s Confucius Temple, with the ChaoTianGong as its central palace of culture, was traditionally used to display and promote culture and intellect, almost like a national university, the palace provided the perfect site for an inspiring meeting environment. We hope that this would act as a modern example of such.

Interior arrangement overlay

Carrying the conceptual model into the temple

Dacheng Hall

Our project for Dacheng Hall now, is a modern interpretation of a traditional palace of culture, and a showcase of Nanjing architectural elements.

The temple’s lush surroundings

Conceptual model


It combines silk and traditional embroidery, to create a Shanshuihua inspired backdrop of Nanjing elements which highlights the strong Fengshui of Nanjing to the international audience.

Early concept sketch

The timber craftsmen at work in the workshop


The traditional sunmao wooden lattice archway creates a more intimate setting inside the grand space of the hall.

Discussions with the craftsmen

The furniture itself is custom designed in the same sunmao woodwork tradition.

Traditional Seating

The furniture and its arrangement also define the atmosphere of the meeting and takes reference from the tradition of Chinese opera and theater for the configuration.

Conceptual render

The craftsmen at work in their workshop

Early concept sketch

Team: Martijn de Geus, Seula Shin, Han Zhang

Client: Nanjing Municipal Government Culture Committee

Project Year: 2016

Location: Nanjing, China