Jiutangcun Community Center

The community center of Jiutangcun village, Jiangsu province, is an attempt to regenerate disused and underutilized buildings and re-activate the area with needed programmatic elements, to become a proud element for the village and a destination for rural tourism.

View across the stair atrium

Scale model

Existing site buildings and yards


The village had three existing dilapidated factory buildings which were disused but in a ideal location in the centre of the village.

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Community Identity

The project aims to energize the village and embed itself in the community, becoming a point of identity for the area.

Early meeting with government officials

View across the library atrium

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Site plan and context


Bridging the three parallel existing buildings, we connect the existing site and create a weaving route and continuous circulation.

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‘Adding needed program to the village community.

Local Craft

The village is famed for their work in silk cultivation and production and so we embed this craft in our program to preserve this identity.

View across the new yard

Reactivating Community

Adding much need program to the village center in the form of a library, cafe, hotel and meeting areas, the community center re-activates the village.

View inside the new lobby

Scale model

Team: Martijn de Geus, Simon Henstra, Victor Tee, Han Zhang

Client: Lishui Municipal Government Planning Department

Project Year: 2016

Location: Jiutangcun, Jiangsu Province, China