SI Vertical Catalyst


SI - Vertical Catalyst

The globalization of architectural discourse since the industrial revolution led to a singular modern ideology; towards an ‘International Style’ in architecture. But, within this light, the skyscraper typology still lacks a coherent generic definition that justifies its existence. We propose a ‘Systeme Internationale’ (SI) as a redefinition of the typology of the skyscraper.

View across the new planned area in Almere

Switching Verticality

We regard the skyscraper as an urban feature that enables connection and acts as a durable catalyst within the urban fabric, rather then facilitating solitude through gatedness.

Past settlement patterns vs. present

Separation of activities in major urban centers

‘Raison d’être’

As a result of functional segregation in modern town-planning modern areas of dwellings have been grouped together as islands without identity or ‘raison d’être’.

Tower base conceptual section

The needs of the contemporary city do not correspond to the direct desires of people.

Maslow’s Pyramid

Contemporary housing areas fulfill basic needs for shelter and safety, only step one in Maslow’s pyramid for human desires’ evolution.

Maslow’s pyramid vs. organization of program

Social Community

Instead of being part of a large generic city, a social community will arise around, throughout and because of the tower.

Urban functions within cities

View over new planned area in Almere

Contextually Embedded

An underground station to commute between cities, a parking garage for easy access from the surrounding neighborhoods and three elevators that will take you to the social junctions up in the building.

Sustainable & Adaptable

The design framework given by the skyscraper is adaptive and will provide possibilities to depict an ever-changing society.

Highly functional facade for interior comfort and energy saving

Cultural centers in the building with facades removed

Team: Martijn de Geus, Vision Included collaborators

Project Year: 2009

Location: Almere, Netherlands