de Hofse Berg

Architecture, Masterplan

A 21st Century residential building

How to innovate in the Netherlands: a place with a rich tradition
of social housing typology.

Social housing timeline in the Netherlands

Axonometry View

Massing Diagrams GIF


The volume is located inside the plot in order too meet the public space and parking requirements first. Then, it rotates to get the best sunlight orientation and views to the canal. The height adapts to the nearby school and sports center, and it is refined to produce a remarkable shape for a new residential community.

Southwest view – Cycle path

Night view

Public space

We looked at how the three buildings could become a cluster and share their facilities. The dynamic ground floor integrates the surroundings with the lifestyle of the residents. The rooftop enhances the relation towards nature.


Rooftop view

Shared Public Spaces

Ground Floor view

Constructive and Energy Elements

Standard Construction

Each modules consists of a concrete floor and CLT walls to maintain a sustainable and cost-conscious design. Everything is built offsite and then stacked on top of each other on site, which reduces the construction time as well. The facades are materialized as standard prefab elements: sparkling brick with simple, yet impressive rhythmic frames.

East Street Elevation

Window Types

Typologies and Diversity

We believe in a future-proof community that embraces mix housing types for different living needs across the building. The winter garden also forms the social heart of the building, a pleasant place to stay and catch up with the neighbors.

Units Types

Unit Distribution


Atrium View

Units Plan

Standard, but  Different

Most units are between 32 and 50 m2 and have 1 or 2 rooms; there are a number of larger (family) homes, and some include a terrace balcony as well. There is a communal bicycle shed and storage space on the ground floor, with facilities for e-bikes.

Interior View

Vertical Village

The project operates in various scales offering intimate and comfortable smaller spaces, but becoming a vibrant social hub through its wide open spaces for the city throughout the year.

Gallery View

Winter View

Village like Community

Team: Martijn de Geus and Han Zhang with Elena Gamez, Li Longfei

Project Year: 2020

Location: Nijmegen, The Netherlands