BRIC Gallery


BRIC Gallery

The BRIC gallery in the 798 art district, is a renovation of an existing space within the old factory-turned-art district of Beijing, into a contemporary art and function space.

Pure Space

We wanted to create a space as a gallery within which the exhibitions could be represented as their pure intention, without interference from their context. The pure volume, natural light, and material palette all come together to make this special environment.

798 Art District

Situated in east-Beijing, the 798 art district consists of old factory buildings which have been since been converted into a precinct for the creative industries.

Beijing city map – 798 location

798 Art district locality plan

Pure space.

Intersecting planes

Moving Planes

Volumes and planes intersect within the space to create flexible areas which can be used to house the different functions required by the gallery.

Minimal Design, Maximum Flexibility

Using the least amount of materials and structure, we aim to create the biggest impact through our design. By creating flexible spaces and systems, the space multiplies its functional capability.

Balcony within the double volume space

Ground floor used for public function

Pure space.

Plywood stair detailing


By working closely with, and developing a relationship with a passionate contractor, we were able to realize the pure and clean details that we felt represented the spaces’ intention.

Pure space.

Opening evening; upstairs gallery space

Exhibition Space

The white walls of the exhibition space are lit during the day from light filtering through the polycarbonate ceiling panels down through the airy double volume space.

Private Viewing

The upstairs space accommodates the more private functions, such as the management offices as well as a private viewing space for potential buyers.

Team: Martijn de Geus, Han Zhang

Client: BRIC Gallery

Project Year: 2014

Location: Beijing, China