A sustainable model for evolving campus life.

Student Service Center


Beijing 2022 - Winter Olympic Museum


Regeneration of world's first Primate Park (est. 1971)

Monkey Business

Project Info Here

Japanese Culture in Wangjing

Japanese Lifestyle Center

Case Study

Courtyard Renovation at the White Pagoda Temple

Baitasi Sharing Courtyard

Case Study

A natural working environment

Vanke HQ - Office Oasis


Redefining Education Spaces for the 21st Century

Tsinghua University

Case Study

From Gorilla to Architecture

The Girl That Changed My Life

Learn About Gyasi

Educating Our Future Generation

ASA: Advanced Studies in Architecture

Our Educational Philosophy

Making places

We start from our environmental responsibilities.
We observe people’s needs and behaviour.
We make places.
Creative places, educational places, public places, private places,
natural places, healthy places, and above all,
loved places.


No projects found, sorry.

Building a future together

    Architecture as a means, creativity as the process, buildings as community catalysts.

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    • Our place making strategy defines precise interventions that reestablish a close connection between nature and people.
    • This links nature and architecture by the passage of people, as man-made and natural elements intertwine.
    • Our projects deliver beyond what you desire, we deliver what you need, we deliver what makes you better.

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